Astromic the book. Written by Stephen Hartley.
Consists of 10 pages.

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Prologue: a little explanation

Foreword: about the book

Why ask the question, why? : separate articles to warm up.

Past: from the big bang to the present day, a fictional approach to explaining the events that has brought us thus far. Including theories of reptile aliens and why the pyramids are present.

Present: list of things that could happen in our world today; disasters, breakthroughs in space travel.

Future: in-depth as possible, a version in my opinion of what will inevetably happen in the solar system. Involve everything factual I have learnt to do with the subject.
Sum up.


          Astromic: a look at our solar system, past, present and future.                     

            This book is interested in getting a new prospective on "Astromic" across to those in the know and those who are not. The author is not the most knowledgeable person in this field, though probably knows more than most.
            A different prospective is what is needed as the solar system belongs to everybody.
            Which part of time is it that we are concerned with when thinking about the solar system? Astronomers who watch the sky are always looking at the past because of the time delay. We are always concerned with the present as that affects our environment. But the future is what we really want to know about, we depend on knowing this in order to plan. To enable ourselves to accurately predict the future we must first study the past and understand the present. Astronomers have been studying the past for centuries but we are still unable to understand the present situation in our solar system.

          The book has been named, "Astromic," this is a made up word designed to save some confusion when dealing with a subject that has anything to do with space. It starts with a few seemingly random pieces to get warmed up.
          "Past," is the next part, which is essentially fantasy. The author's view of how everything came to be the way it is. It even goes a way to explaining the mysterious pyramids.
          "Present," is a list of the types of things that could happen today and "Future," is the author's carefully calculated view of what will inevitably happen in the solar system and a sum

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