Astromic and the Force

We are a force, though be it a weak one in the face of governments and companies like NASA that monopolise space exploration.

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We are the grass that grows up through the concrete. We will always be there and will inevitably conquer.


Astromic the book

With the use of the Web, Astromic could well have the fuel it needs to be recognised and taken seriously. You can kill yourself trying to publish ideas you may have and never get anywhere. You become disheartened and perhaps even angry.
  Now though by using the web there is a chance, if people can get together on an issue by talking and sharing ideas there is hope.

By visiting the committees page you can see who is on the committee, their e mail address and access the articles they have contributed to this web page.
  To become a committee member yourself all you need to do is e mail
and contribute your own article.
  Once on the committee, discussions can take place via e mails, sharing knowledge and making plans to be heard.

  You don't have to be a good writer or clever, all that is required is an interest in the subject.
  Whether you have questions or answers, short or long, all contributions are welcome.

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